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This is my earliest travel report. I dug it out of an old computer and post it here for your amusement.

London Notes

Saturday 7/11/98

This is where I'm staying, the corner of 72 Marlboro Place and 132 Hamilton Terrace, otherwise known as Spencer Court (name of this building, I'm in #6) We are in the Northwest Section of London, I think this is Westminster.

I brought the GPS, but did not bring the computer cable, silly me.  I found a European mapping program at the client's office.  Its not a street level map, but shows the major arteries and would have interfaced with this laptop..





Saturday street scene from a bus stop near the office.  Notice that it's raining.  Cleverly I left the umbrella back in the room.  The office is about 1-1/2 miles from the house.  It was a nice walk to here, but Ill take a bus back.

A view of Hamilton Place.  I get a kick out of the parking.  How many times have we felt like just parking in the middle of the street?  Here, they do just that.

Jet lag finally caught up with me.  I was up until nearly 2 AM Saturday morning, but I kept thinking it was only 6pm California time.  But I was pretending to forget that I somehow missed Thursday night, and only had a 2-3 hour catnap on the plane. I somehow jumped out of bead around 7 AM, but soon feel back asleep until after 1 PM.  Then I went to the office to check on things for Monday. So far everything is fine.  Monday we go shopping for a few items for the computer network. Later that day training of the office staff will start.

As I write this it's 8:20pm Saturday and still drizzly.  Looking forward to watching the World Cup finals tomorrow night.  Tomorrow during the day I  hope to get in some sightseeing.  Plan to take a commercial bus tour to get a quick view of  the town.  The Soccer match starts around 7 PM, so I'll be in by then.

The RICOH digital camera is working fine, but battery life is the pits.  Have taken only 10-12 pictures, but playing with the camera must have chewed up the batteries, already on my second set.  Manual says that batteries should be good for about 2 hours of playback or about 140 images. Know I haven't taken more than 30 pictures including testing at home; didn't think I'd had much time on playback either.  Oh well, I'll try and keep better track.

That's it for this report,
Best regards,

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